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Tel: +61 497 062902, hello@inspiringbreaks.com

Intimate Wellness Retreats and Experiences for Women, Groups & Couples

Transform through travel that Inspires

Are you stressed, burnt out, need a break?

Need a weekend away with the girls?

Want to reconnect with your partner in a new & inspiring way?

Let us Guide you to find more Joy

Pause, reconnect , reevaluate, revive 

Connect with the infinite spirit that is your true self. Embrace your own magnificence through one of our inspiring weekends, break your habits and shift to a new perspective. Take time out for joy to be inspired & renewed back to health & wellbeing through travel & coaching that transforms- Check out our destinations, Australia, France or Bali.

Our Retreats

Divine Sexiness

3-4th May 2019, Geraldton

Connect to your beautiful power

The Spirit of Money

Break those money habits for singles & couples

Ancient Healing Wisdom

Mystic traditions for the everyday 

Tourism & Wellness Consulting

Are you a coach or wellness provider?

We can support you with some great ideas, venues & destinations to create your own retreat, or help you get started

Do you run a wellness, tourism or hospitality business and want to create some great customer experiences.


ERSILIA TARANTINO +61 497 062902


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Indulge yourself

Bring vibrancy to your love life, orgasm on good health!! Or enjoy time out with friends, likeminded people, relax and revive. All you have to do is be present, we take care of the details.

Travel with a purpose

It’s your awakening…. ignite your imagination and let us guide you to explore your mind, the world & yourself. Are you questioning if there is more to life and tired of doing the same old, same old…? Book one of our experiences you will shift the way you think & feel & reboost your joy for life.

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Add some luxury to life 

Want a holiday with a difference that is fun, motivational & inspiring? or relaxing, pampering & easy? Personalise your experience and let us help you create your own retreat.

Don’t let you dreams just be a rambling desire, do something today to make it happen

It’s time to be transformed through travel that enlightens.

ERSILIA TARANTINO +61 497 062902