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Hi Joyful Spirits

I’m Ersilia the founder and creator of Inspiring Breaks. Dynamic, sensitive, intuitive, courageous, joyous and curious!!!

Have you ever had a dream and thought one day!!! Well this is my one day….. the dream that became real. I was inspired after finding that when I went away I explored the world but also myself. I came back renewed and motivated, with more self awareness and a feeling of sense and purpose.

Sometimes in the midst of our busy lives we get stuck in habits, not sure how to change them and repeat our patterns over and over again until it gets so bad, life forces us to do something about it.

Inspiring breaks was created for this transition period, to take a break, step outside your life, get another perspective and go home remotivated with the joy of life and new ideas. I wanted to offer people a different light hearted approach to learn about spirituality, ones self and the world. A way to start your journey to joy and allow new possibilities, resulting in greater wealth, greater health and greater abundance.

I believe that we don’t have to work hard to do what we love or be what we love, it took me years to work out how!! I realised it was about creating a new vision and ways to stop the excuses we are making to why we can’t do it, the limits we put on ourselves and the opinions of others that hold us back. We take a step away from our lives to look from the outside in and to listening to ourselves.


Smile because you’re awesome

Life on Purpose

Inspiration comes from ‘In Spirit’, with the inner spirit as our guide to remember to love who we are, to do what we love and love what we do. The purpose of life is to connect with your spirit and find your Joy and then go out into the world and share that with others. I grew up in the travel industry from a young age exploring the world and enjoying what it had to offer. I always said that it wasn’t just places and historical monuments that I remembered but the people and places that I met along the way, that made the memories and created experiences. I became great at creating those experiences for others.


Let me remind you how wonderful you are

My background

Born in Australia I grew up in the uk with an Italian Father, who loved to travel. I was hooked and worked as a tour guide from the young age of 19, showing people beautiful places. I enjoyed myself but felt guilty earning money having fun, so I decided to try my job at a career. It didn’t work, freedom is what I searched for & so I went off to explore the world & my beautiful self, the inner journey!!!. I successfully ran a cafe and juice bar for 5 years in France, from which I realised I was great at helping people feel good and decided to retrain as a Professional Certified Intuitive Coach and well-being consultant, at the no1 school in France. I also qualified as a Coach trainor & certified as a teacher & trainor in a body mind method called the 3C -Concentration, Calm and Control for mental, emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing. I have since spent the last 10 years working with children, schools, young people and entrepreneurs in Europe and now Australia, guiding them to new possibilities by seeing the beauty of their inner world and creating the outer world to match. They say if you want to heal go play… and that’s why I make it all about Joy. I have created a concept of tools, called the Joy Concept.


Hold on through the storm

My Mission

Provide a new and inspiring way to bring back more joy to life and allow others to do the same. Create meaningful tools to allow better communication and unity in relationships. Allow myself just to be me.

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