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Want to host an Inspiring break at your rental property or retreat space, or at home for a private group?

Work with me to create wellbeing experiences at your tourism venture
Host an Inspiring Break at
your home or property
Train as a facilitator
& Guide to host your own

Would you like to improve your property or Airbnb rental opportunities, or to do better business in your wellbeing or tourist venture, or add some extras? Are you stuck on how to start or about to give up because its not working. Would you like to host an inspiring break at your own property? or even create and run your own retreats? Let’s find out what you need to take the next step.

Creating magic and miracles to assist you all the way through from start to finish to grow and expand with Joy!  

Allowing you to save time and money to do more of what you love


I also work with partners to get the best for your business. Let’s not forget about money, budgets, consistency. Expanding or starting a business is not always easy financially. How do you deal with the low times? Along with a partner company we work with you to create financial stability and a model for success. All our Coaching packs offer 2 sessions of money coaching.

My Services

Develop your rental opportunities, wellness business or Airbnb property.

Do you have a property that you want to rent on Airbnb or develop as a tourist venture, not sure how to start, or struggling to increase sales or rental? Perhaps you would like to add some extras or start hosting an inspiring break?

My coaching services assist you to develop your property, find your message & reach more customers. Increase opportunities & income by looking at whats working & what’s not or find the solutions to attract clients, create the right ambience or new experiences, to help you decide what is the best service for your business. Or work with me to host an inspiring break at your property for private groups.

How I work

Via Skype or in person, we design & create a process that works with you. I spend time getting to know you & your business by observing & working or staying at your property..

Host a break -Coach, Design & Create retreats or better client experiences

With 15 years experience in the travel & wellness industry as well as designing itineraries, holidays & running retreats, I can assist & teach you how to run or create your own retreats as a coach or entrepreneur for your wellbeing business or amazing new experiences & add ons to offer even more value to your clients. How to develop your products or programs, how to fill them successfully.

Training for your Retreats

As a professionally certified Coach trainer, guide & facilitator I also offer training for those new to the industry or wishing to develop their services to powerfully & confidently guide, facilitate & run their own retreats successfully and intuitive tools to add to the experience.

Easy Steps & Solutions

We work together in a structured way to make it easy for you to find your own solutions and build your dream faster for longer.


What People Say

Ersilia has a simple method that allows for consistent progress towards achieving and starting your project. She spends the time to get to know your wants, needs & business ideas and then find the solutions that work with you. What I loved was that she was very hands on and showed me tools to remain focused. As a creative person I found that a big challenge. I have expanded slowly and begun to offer new experiences and retreats.

Max Royce

Owner, Greenough Nature Stay


What People Say

The good french woman I am, I have often had complexes about speaking english, the accent, vocabulary and the rest seemed complicated. I wanted to coach in English and when I met Ersilia I did not speak so well. Ersilia taught me english for coaching. She knows how to put the person at ease and to gain confidence, she listens well and allowed me to progess at my own rythm, step by step. I am now autonomous and can even laugh in english, proud that I can hold a conversation for over an hour. I have gained confidence and find it easier. I advise working with Ersilia, she does it in a fun way so that you don’t think you are working but enjoying. A big thank you to Ersilia for her great humour and for listening

Georgia Vergier

Intuitive Coach & Trainor, founder of Eve Coaching, France


What People Say

Ersilia is a great life coach/motivator! I had several sessions with Ersilia: once when I was unsure about what direction to take in a life/ business matter – and once to seek clarity about selling a house. In both sessions we quickly went deep – ending up defining core values and teasing out underlying motivations that were hidden to my conscious mind. The perspectives I gained in the first instance were crucial in helping me move forward. Ersilia’s intuition was spot on: she is great at re-connecting you to what is important.

In the case of selling the house – it sold in a climate where all was gloom for sellers. An hour with Ersilia was enough to disperse the general negativity about the market that I had digested. When I became energised and excited about the sale I did what needed to be done to create the best chance for selling, and it happened. Couldn’t have done it without her….or maybe I could have, but it would have felt like pushing shit uphill – Ersilia brings back flexibility of thinking, inspiration and joy.

Amanda Rowland

Owner, Body talk, Geraldton, Australia

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I offer a consultation for you to tell me your needs and requirements, and find out if I am a match to what you are looking for. 

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Sustainable long term changes with stable, obtainable results. Cool right? 80% of business is psychology, only 20% logic. I teach you about Emotional Awareness & Intuitive intelligence in business and how it effects your results.

Heartfelt & Inspired

My aim is to assist you to create Vision & Purpose, make your ideas happen, create a plan and design a schedule to stay focused & feel good

Creating experiences that inspire your clients 

We look at the extras that you could offer to create better client experiences & inspire them them back to wellness.

Increasing your visibility, income & opportunities 

Bring vibrancy to your business by looking at new markets, new ideas & create opportunities to jump to the next level of success.

Let’s find out what you need and what’s your biggest challenge to take the next step on your business journey and stay on track

As an intuitive business coach I have been told that I find solutions for every obstacle & challenge and that I can walk into a business or property and immediately see what works and what doesn’t. People that work with me find that the results they gain are increased abundance and opportunities which allows them to turn their dreams and aspirations into reality, & find more wealth. Australian born & European bred…I was bought up in the tourism & hospitality industry from a young age & became a tour guide at 19. I have also spent time in sales, marketing, customer service and development of businesses to improve systems that create better results. As a certified Intuitive Coach & Emotional Awareness with 5 years training I have a myriad of tools to support you to develop and find inspired solutions.

Ersilia Tarantino


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