August 26

Why Take Joy Seriously

Have you ever paid attention to what joy means for you? or taken time to think about your levels of satisfaction, or even if you feel fulfilled? or perhaps you don’t have time for that and joy & fun is for later when you are retired?

Let’s challenge your thinking and take a 360 turn in your perspective…. Should Joy be my sole purpose in life!! Could it bring me abundance and money?

When I was younger I worked as a tour guide travelling all over Europe and loved it. I was helping others enjoy themselves and I earned really well from it, also benefiting by enjoying myself. I never thought that there might be a connection between enjoying myself and earning well, I thought I was just lucky.

However I began to feel guilty enjoying myself when others didn’t seem to be, thinking that that wasn’t a serious job and I needed to be working hard.  I didn’t think of it as a career and told myself that I needed to get serious and settle into a career, so I stopped.

I thought life was about that, and I should be like everyone else. It didn’t work of course because I went from job to job trying to find some purpose and real joy in what I was doing.  I enjoyed all my jobs but only for a while. I began to wonder what the difference was between back then and now, and came to the realisation that I was wrong about my beliefs on what was possible, and that enjoying myself and loving what I do could also be a career.

I therefore began to research the concept of joy and struggle.  A concept because concepts can’t always be proven and joy is innovative.  What’s the meaning of a concept, an abstract idea. So here I give you a sneek peak of an abstract idea from what I have learned about why joy should be taken seriously. Not a person, not life, not a thing, not others but an energy an emotion…. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Hear me out and let me explain why I think that it should be the only should you should have in your life.!!!  

What are we really searching for in life? to be happy, to be joyous to have a life full of great experiences, great moments and of course fun? To die feeling we did our best or maybe even made an impact.

On the energy vibration scale joy is one of the highest vibrations in the world below peace and enlightenment.  We don’t put happiness on the scale, it is not an energy, happiness is the result of a desired outcome being achieved or a feeling of doing something.  Joy on the other hand feels like just being. Joy bubbles up from somewhere deep inside all of a sudden and lasts, the dance of the soul. It may be felt fleetingly but the more we cultivate it the more we feel its long lasting effects. I have seen it in myself and my clients. I have never heard anyone talk about cultivating happiness.

I for a long time believed, like many in society that it was better to follow the money and then I would find joy, take that seriously, or find a career and take work seriously, then I would find joy.  It seems to be what society teaches us. We learn those ideas when we are young, and forget about our dreams and doing what we love or finding what makes us joyful and doing that instead. We don’t believe it is possible to earn money from a passion or what you really enjoy.  We make money the boss and believe that is the way to success and then struggle to find ways to be happy, not even realising that by following those things we get burnt out or stressed, or even stopped enjoying ourselves.

We then take those ideas,  and those negative feelings home and it effects our relationships our families, our life.    We wait to go on holiday before we decide to do anything about it, or take time out for joy….. to have a rest, rejuvenate or to refind our Joy.  I would like you to consider that instead of following the career or the money, you can follow and find your joy and then the money follows.  That you don’t just have to wait to go on holiday but start here and now.

Joy for me is the purpose of life. It’s the guide, like a compass that tells you whether you are going in the right direction and enjoying your life or not.  It shows you how you are feeling about what you are doing and who you are with. It tells you where you are struggling and shows you the path to move forward out of the struggle.  Once you have found what brings you joy in whatever way you want, you then go out and share it with others. It impacts others and attracts and creates even more, they want to pay you for what you have. The money follows joy. (read Joy as a purpose)

Here is a little scientific proof to help you decide whether or not you ‘should’ take it seriously.

  1. There is a principle called the Pareto principle, a theory of an Italian man.  He tells us that 80% of causes are from 20% of effects. Meaning that 20% of what you do creates 80% of results in your life.   The same in business, research shows that 80% is based on psychology and only 20% on rationality and logic. Therefore it’s all about how we are feeling.  If we are feeling good, joyous, happy, we are motivated, we get things done, we are empowered and the results and knock on effects of that are tremendous, it creates great benefits to our health, our wellbeing, our sleep, our relationships and especially our work..  When we are feeling sad, negative or down we are not very approachable or open and become uninspired, unable to see opportunities or even find solutions. If we take that home it effects our lives and impacts in unproductive ways. If we take this principle and decide to only spend 20% of our time on finding ways to get back to joy, in a 7 hour day that means only 84 minutes.  84 minutes a day on joy to get 80% better results, who wouldn’t have the time for that??!!! Its about making feeling good a way back to success.

  1. Science shows us that everything is made up of electromagnetic impulses, vibrations including our thoughts and emotions.    There are low vibrations, the lowest guilt and shame that keep us contracted and then their are the higher ones where we expand and evolve our energy such as love, then joy, then peace then enlightenment.   Most of us can’t get to enlightenment but we can at least get to love and joy. When we vibrate low in a contracted state with those feelings such as guilt, shame, anger we attract nothing good. (although anger can be used to motivate us into action to move up the scale).  You know when you get out of the wrong side of the bed, bump your head, continue to feel bad, end up in a traffic jam, late for work, your client then cancels and you spiral down. By the time you get home you shout at your partner and then they feel bad. Nothing good gets achieved. Instead if you vibrate at a pure energy of joy you can affect hundreds of people around you, and if you allow yourself to understand where you are lacking joy and then follow it to get back on track to feeling good, people will be intrigued, will want what you have and even pay you for it!!The money will follow the joy instead of you wasting time following the money!!  

I know when I am in this natural state and I allow myself to follow my joy everything becomes so much easier, I feel like I  am on purpose, things are more fluid, lighthearted, fun and the by product is I earn more money , have better relationships, feel more beautiful and achieve my dreams and  desires….

It’s false to say we can be joyous all the time.  There will always be moments when things go wrong, when you don’t feel good and have to keep going or keep working, however it becomes a choice whether we want to stay in those bad, negative feelings or jump back to joy and feel good, and find time out and ways to do that.  We choose to work the extra hour to get the job done, or get a bit more money, feeling tired and exhausted, when instead we could choose to use that extra hour to take time with friends or the girls or for us or for having fun.  

I am not saying its an easy concept to grasp or that you can do it straight away and it will happen over night. I am not even saying that you have to be joyous and positive all the time, that would be false.  However I can begin to give you some tips of how to begin to cultivate joy, what stops you following your joy and the tools to jump start your journey. Its all about emotional awareness and intuitive intelligence.

For now sit with that concept, and experiment yourself, its one of the laws of the universe, the secret to living fully. Don’t just take my word for it, try it out and see what the results and effects are on you and others when you are feeling good and full of joy.

Try and pay attention to that feeling, take it seriously.  Ask yourself if you have ever stopped to think how much you are enjoying your life right now? Or even if you have made space and time for joy in your life. What do you enjoy that gives you satisfaction and allows you to be fullfilled.  Fullfilled means to be full up, full up to the brim that I am overflowing with whatever you filled yourself with. Why couldn’t that be joy, joy-ful, full of joy. Have you ever put the time aside to contemplate that or do you unconsciously go through life letting it lead you here and there.How about if you began to become more conscious of that feeling, become more aware of what or whom brings you joy, a constant joy not just a moment of happiness.

Heres a starting point::  Step 1 on your journey, get clear on what you want and define what brings you joy.

Tell me and share do you think perhaps you could take joy seriously or add more joy to your life, even 10%. Thrive rather than strive? How can you do that?


Get clarity on what you want and define what brings you joy, take the first step on your journey to more impact and purpose.


Ersilia Tarantino

Take time out for Joy

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